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  1. VANY
    VANY Kamikaze85
    could yu upload objet again please .
  2. Dawson_Baiden
    Hi ! Il y'a des français dans le coin ?
    1. Kamikaze85
      Lut, oui il y a en quelque uns!
      May 21, 2017
  3. TheBastard
    TheBastard Kamikaze85
    Hi can you upload the "E"qual albums when you have time? Thanks
  4. naflo
    Hip-hop evolves decade after decade.
  5. jjkun
    YANAGI Kamikaze85
    Why delete all albums?
  7. hikari
    hikari Rage_Beat06
    hello! i have no idea where to get music now that Otonomai and all their other domains closed down. could i please get an invite for jpopsuki? i would really appreciate it! Thanks again
  8. kuro
    kuro Rage_Beat06
    Hi it seems you have an invitation to jpopsuki ? may I have one too ? thank you for your kindness
    1. Rage_Beat06
      sorry i usually dont check here.
      Can you send me a PM with your email and Ill add it to the list
      Mar 4, 2017
      hikari likes this.
    2. TPD-21
      Hello ... I'm new in this forum. I want to contact you via PM, but I guess I didn't find it in any menu, except the menu conversation. Perhaps you can send me something through PM first. thanks in advance.
      May 19, 2017
  9. XxlinkshadowxX
    XxlinkshadowxX Rage_Beat06
    Can I Get an invite to jpopsuki? I was pretty down when yorukaze got closed and ive been wanting to get one OK rock's new album for a while now.
    1. Rage_Beat06
      Mar 4, 2017
    2. XxlinkshadowxX
      it's Ambitions yes. pretty good track list I thought they are supposed to be doing another one soon thats a Japanese exclusive.
      Apr 27, 2017
  10. Rage_Beat06
    Rage_Beat06 7znd
    you still need a jpopsuki invite ?
    1. 7znd
      Nope, Gagashaggy sent me one. But thanks man ;)
      Feb 9, 2017
  11. AnnaLeyah
    AnnaLeyah Rage_Beat06
    Hey, I was hoping you could send me an invite to jpopsuki?
  12. FerdinandLudens93
  13. Dawson_Baiden
  14. Trieze82
    A HipHop Gentleman
  15. Mugen
    Alive & Kickin'
  16. Gagashaggy
    G-Funk Junkie
  17. Tachikoma
    Tachikoma YANAGI
    Hey man what's the bit rate on your copy of New Yankee? I have itunes that I converted to FLAC and I don't want to be redundant
  18. shibuya2
    Black & Yellow
  19. TokyoYubitsume
    Salut, je suis nouveau ici, il y a quelques français ?
    1. Kamikaze85
      Salut et bienvenue, oui il y a quelques français! :)
      Aug 28, 2016
    2. lajauge
      salut ! si il y a des français ? pas qu'un peu à vrai dire. Je ne serais pas dire pourquoi mais la communauté française "au sein du hiphop japonais" sur internet et assez bien représenté.
      Aug 30, 2016
    3. wiggyjay
      salut y'a même des françaises mdr
      Sep 2, 2016
  20. TokyoYubitsume
    Hi, im a new guy here, im a french guy. Love Japanese HH and all the underground japanese culture.