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BES - UNTITLED 2016-05-27

The new album by BES from prison.

  1. R
    This is what came of the Yen mix he did with Alexandra Mizuki, Pyrex is fire!

    「BES (SCARS/SWANKY SWIPE)、獄中からのソロアルバムが発売決定。」

    1. Shadow feat. 漢 a.k.a. GAMI, ONE-LAW
    2. Pyrex feat. NIPPS
    3. Spit & Flow feat. B.D.
    4. Tokyo(Yugata) feat. Fla$hBackS
    5. Ice & Liquor feat. VIKN
    6. Tokyo 2 feat. KNZZ
    7. Tokyo 3 feat. STICKY
    8. Back In The Day feat. SEEDA, 5lack
    9. YEN, EURO, DOLLAR feat. VIKN
    10. Pyrex Remix feat. SEEDA, Dutch Montana, 漢 a.k.a. GAMI

    All Tracks Produced by Alexandra Mizuki
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