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DJ☆GO – Nature ZU Fahren 2016-12-28

7th album

  1. Gagashaggy
    Release Date:

    01. Beemer Beemer feat. cak73, Cho-Co
    02. Gotta Be Funk feat. Elle Teresa
    03. アクセル feat. Kowichi
    04. 散歩道 (Sampo Michi) feat. Hi-D
    05. Goodlac feat. KZB a.k.a Kayzabro
    06. Tropical Breeze
    07. #OKILIFE feat. MO, K-Yo, Gaya-K
    08. Livin' in My Hood
    09. Super Snow feat. Gaya-K
    10. Playaz Laid Back feat. Last Pass, Cimba
    11. Nature feat. Pukkey
    12. 午前3時のフリーウェイ feat. Gaya-K
    13. アクセル [Remix] feat. K-Yo
    14. Nature (Tropical Instrumental)
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Recent Reviews

  1. DxZ-86
    Version: 2016-12-28
    And it's a comeback !!!
    Finally he has stopped making weird music.