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    R Tha Boss Staff Member

    2016年7月6日発売。昭和レコード 完全生産限定盤1(CD+DVD):4104円。完全生産限定盤2(2CD):4104円。通常盤(CD):3024円。

    01. 我覇者なり [Track by DJ RYOW]
    02. 自己紹介 [Track by grooveman Spot]
    03. 寝言 [Track by タイプライター]
    04. セルフィー [Track by タイプライター]
    05. なにもない [Track by bookey]
    06. スゲートコ [Track by 理貴]
    07. 覚悟完了 [Track by dubby bunny]
    08. 月の真ん中 [Track by LUKA THE KISARAGI]
    09. あの頃じゃねえ [Track by CHIVA from BUZZER BEATS]
    10. 2200年 [Track by CHIVA from BUZZER BEATS]
    11. たちがわるい feat. R-指定 [Track by NAOtheLAIZA]
    12. DA MA RE [Track by ALI-KICK]
    13. 夢を言おう [Track by PENTAXX.B.F]
    14. ビビりながら [Track by AKIOBEATS]
    15. 円 [Track by ALI-KICK]

    1. 寝言 - Directed by KODONA VISION
    2. 月の真ん中 - Directed by 飛沫
    3. あの頃じゃねえ - Directed by HAVIT ART STUDIO
    4. DA MA RE - Directed by 米食
    5. ビビりながら - Directed by 佐々木堅人


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