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  1. TheHorneo

    TheHorneo New Member

    Underground DJ, producer and beatmaker SATOL (also known as Cold Dark) founded the project aヒto[亜霊止] (Ahito). The eponymous album will be released in December.

    Information from official web:
    "The avant-garde and cutting-edge music that SATOL generates by intentionally using the worldwide underground music mentioned above and mixing them is incomparable with any kind of music.
    This unique project is composed by SATOL as a leader and the highly evaluated MCs selected throughout Japan. This is the unnamed art revolution from Japan.
    In today’s Japanese music industry which keeps modeling an overseas product just as it is mostly, they’re an advance guard by an overseas viewpoint, a latest thought and the one I try to hand originality down to which using delicate and insane thought as a weapon peculiar to Japanese in Japanese original. in any way a filter does spirit of Japan ancient times, it’s latest, the approach by which I stuck.
    A person carries a bruise and darkness on a body and a heart. That, it’s done with the mission to tell the possibility of the man by pitiful sound and voice strenuously it’s done with the mission to tell dislike from today and the passage which envied, got angry, cut the grief by a body, began blackly, tasted with a body and came.

    Genres: avantgarde/electronic/bass.noise.industrial.new school.juke/hard core.rock.emo.post/poetry/japanese traditional/jazz/experimental

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