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  1. kurohachi

    kurohachi New Member

    I post a similar thread on the old OE, just wondering what are folks' favorite beatmakers on the J Hip Hop scene currently. Here are mine (off the top of my head): jjj, Nezumi, Gradis Nice, Ill.Sugi, 16Flip, Budamunk, Aru2, Yoshinuma, and Evisbeats.
  2. urban_underground75

    urban_underground75 New Member

    Mine might be: Budamunk, Gradis Nice; JJJ, Yakkle, 16Flip, Nagmatic, Evisbeats, DJ Hiroki, DJ Honda, DJ Watarai, Ill.Sugi, Jashwon, Michita, DJ Baku, DJ Yas, Endrun, I-DeA, DJ Seiji, DJ Tama, DJ Perro, ... to name a few.
    The Japanese scene is still quite new to me.
  3. NatsuT

    NatsuT Member

    old dj baku , old dj krush , slack ( he is a producer too on previous albums ) , dj celory , dj oasis , dj tonk , nagmatic , dev large , Dj Ryow , Shin-Ski , i like every Haiiro De Rossi album , himuki !! , I-Dea , Kk The Khaosist , old msc band producer , nujabes , tsutchie , Dadawood A.K.A Nickelman , Watter , G.M-KAZ , asa , akt the jn , dj panasonic
  4. SeizeOne

    SeizeOne Member

    Ill.Sugi, Bugseed, Budamunk, DJ Seiji, Yagi, Cram, Kuma the Sureshot, S.L.D Muzik, Aru-2.
  5. Gagashaggy

    Gagashaggy Member

    Dev Large, DJ 4-Side, DJ PMX, DJ☆GO, Two-J
  6. xmoeyesx

    xmoeyesx New Member

    prob GREEN ASSASSIN DOLLAR oooooor like anyone bumpin from PSYCLU REC~
  7. Word, SRKB. with Spcta is one hell of a combo.
    Will add 5lack, Watter, テツオ from I.B Production, Ramza, TB Crane (Surry), Manchesse, Cutmastaa Kato, Nezumi, Nej, DRS crew, LF Demo, Ratlap, Berrynice, Alto from Bazbee Stoopなど...
    Last edited: Sep 19, 2016
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  8. xmoeyesx

    xmoeyesx New Member

    dang how could i forget! 5lack solo produce is some of the jams that got me started!
  9. Twizted_Bone

    Twizted_Bone New Member

    So, the two that came to mind when I saw the thread title are:
    JJJ and Nagmatic. Not one song from these guys that I didn't like.
    Another individual that is close behind them is OMSB'eats.

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