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    JYLO☆JAY Uploader

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    (Sorry if my english is bad :p)
    The fight started on an event called TOKYO NIGGAZ on july 29th. KNZZ was doing his show with his group called DOGGIES then his friend noticed Kan in the audience and asked him to come on stage, at the same time KNZZ was making fun of him calling him KANgaroo and stuff, then they both started rap battleing on stage and it was kinda intense. They were even spitting at each other and that ended with a fight. KNZZ hit Kan with his mic twice & Kan was trying to throw punchs at him while grabing KNZZ's hair. When the crowd finally managed to separate them ONE-LAW came on stage trying to calm it down or something like that but it didn't end well.

    Here is the full video:

    I think the feud between them started with KNZZ's song "THIS IS DIS", from his 1st album "Z", where he talk shit about MSC. Since then they were firing back at each other on instragram until the event happened.

    After that surprising event :D Kan left the club with a scar near his left eye (because of KNZZ's mic) & KNZZ decided to release a diss track called "THIS IS BEEF"

    here is a random source: https://abematimes.com/posts/1086745
  2. kurohachi

    kurohachi New Member

    Wow, kan shouldn't be messed with. He's a scary dude. Knzz lucky that he didn't get handled.

    JYLO☆JAY Uploader

    I don't know about the luck but having a tons of hate on your videos after you were in a fight with Kan isn't a luck at all
  4. kurohachi

    kurohachi New Member

    Agreed, its only a matter of time that Kan will handle him.
  5. SeizeOne

    SeizeOne Member

    Not that i know what was going on, but from what i saw it looked like Knzz was being a disrespectful, but then again, that's only me having a guess on what i could make out of it.....lucky he didn't get a beat down, looked like a cocky little fella....

    Hopefully they can sort it out, should put them in a mma fight together....make an event out of it lol

    Oh and what up Kurohachi! good to see your back man!
  6. kurohachi

    kurohachi New Member

    Hey seizeone, good to see you on here too. How are things? I'll try to post stuff on here when I can.
  7. SeizeOne

    SeizeOne Member

    Yeah, thing are going well for now man :) hope your good anyways! easy!
  8. R

    R Tha Boss Staff Member

    Crazy shit man, AXIS has told me that Kan can damn sure handle himself, I'd hate to see him in the street at night lol Seize, welcome friend.
    SeizeOne likes this.

    JYLO☆JAY Uploader

    Kan's response video to Knzz's "This is Beef"
  10. SeizeOne

    SeizeOne Member

    If Knzz uses his fists like he uses that mic, hes fucked lol

    Kan is the man haha made me laugh when he was strolling through the streets with his shirt of like a boss, all in a days work.....legend haha! will be interesting to see what comes from this.....

    dudes in the vid should of just let these two duke it out....but then i guess everyone gets dragged into it then.....Just wish i could understand what he's saying though...

    Good video....cheers for posting it up!
  11. Case

    Case New Member

    Wow, that Kan track is superb! That alone was worth to start this fight. :D
  12. nana

    nana New Member

    i dont speak japanese but after seeing all the videos it looks like Knzz tried to get fame by dissing Kan and Msc.
    SOmebody know what Kan is saying in his diss track? and what Knzz is saying in his two disstracks?
  13. nana

    nana New Member

    ps: and why after the battle Kan was angry versus One Law ?
  14. JYLO☆JAY

    JYLO☆JAY Uploader

    I don't know unfortunately but I wish I could, it's really weird because in 2013 Kan & Knzz both features on One-Law's album "Misty" they were even on live together for One-Law's release party I think. I'm not sure about the "fame theory" Knzz is well known for being an ex-member of ICE DYNASTY. He doesn't need the fame in my opinion.
  15. Grim

    Grim New Member

    KNZZ was swinging that mic like a high school girl, haha.
  16. TokyoYubitsume

    TokyoYubitsume New Member

    Yes, KNZZ look like a girl in this fight.

    It's a stupid idea to become an ennemy of Kan i think... XD

    But we can think that Kan had prepared all that, and was ready to fight it when we see the video clip. I dont think that the camera will be there for nothing.
    And i think the fight it became because a clash on social media, from KNZZ.
    Just look this video :

    /!\ Sorry for my fucking bad english, im a french guy :!\
  17. staytrue

    staytrue New Member

    Kan was invited to perform at KNZZ's label's event by Tekisasu (label owner?), setting him up so that KNZZ could diss him on stage.
    Kan goes along with the battle thing, but KNZZ spits at him, etc. Kan eventually has enough of it and grabs him by the face and hair, KNZZ doesn't do shit.
    People start to pull Kan away and then KNZZ swings at him and hits him with the mic.
    After they're pulled apart One-Law takes the stage and randomly insults Kan, doesn't explain himself, and insists he isn't fucked.
    Then outside the event Kan beats up KNZZ.
  18. TheBastard

    TheBastard Member

    Tokyo Niggaz??? wtf
  19. Kamikaze85

    Kamikaze85 Uploader

    Damn, so many dislikes on KNZZ's PV. :eek:


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