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  1. Kamikaze85

    Kamikaze85 Uploader

    New request, I want some albums from Michita, I've only A Full Life (2010)
    Anyone please?

  2. TheBastard

    TheBastard Member

  3. Kamikaze85

    Kamikaze85 Uploader

    Thx a lot!
  4. lajauge

    lajauge Member

    yep, I have album "one", "two", "three" and "dawning". Will upload them tomorrow.
  5. Kamikaze85

    Kamikaze85 Uploader

    Great, thanks! ;)
    Since my request, I've now:

    [2010] Best & Lost
    [2010] A Full Life
    [2010] A Full Life - Instrumentals
    [2011] Aurapporo EP
    [2011] Snow Bland
    [2012] Mosir Memoir
    [2012] Only Faith and Hope
    [2013] Sir-Etok Ice Floatin'
    [2013] Pureness (thx again to TheBastard)
  6. tridentino

    tridentino Member

    Seems like I am a bit late to this party but mind sharing some of this? I only have the ones available on the dl section. (1-3, Sense of Values and Dawning)
  7. Kamikaze85

    Kamikaze85 Uploader

    No problem. ;)
    Upload soon + his new album Forestallmental.
    tridentino likes this.

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