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  1. Hey folks. If u have been around since... well Ongaku-Eternal then some of u might already know me. Guess I have a name that's esay to remember ;D

    Anyways I have been making (and recording) music for I think roughly 8 or 6 years now and ever since I rediscovered my love for asia in general and started learning japanese, I also started rapping in Japanese.
    So far I have released a couple of albums, but I only released 4 publicly because the earlier ones are too embarassing.

    All of my Songs from my Albums (minus the stuff where I used samples that inflict copyright issues) can be found on my YouTube Channel.
    If you want the full Playlist, here u go:

    In that Playlist there's everything. My "Main Stuff" where I rap in English and Japanese as ☆せいこ(王)☆ and my fun stuff where I rap in German as "Herr Pillemann Papaya."

    In that Playlist u can also find 2 Music Videos that I want to highlight real quick.
    My first MV ever was a diss track against 三島a.k.a.潮フェッショナル情報 who is, in my opinion, the worst rapper in existence. I have 0 respect for him and he is completely talent free imho. So I did this little MV.

    And my most recent Music Video. Shot and released it yesterday. Fresh out the oven if u will. Enjoy

    If anyone wants the downloadlinks to my albums, just let me know and i'll reupload them.
    Have a good one =)

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