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  1. wiggyjay

    wiggyjay New Member

    omg i luuuv this track , i luv simple one and klaus layer omg he is so good

    some french hiphop for ya earrrrs
  2. Dawson_Baiden

    Dawson_Baiden New Member

    8/10 ! definitly one of the best french hiphop of 2016.

    Time to go to UK :

  3. NatsuT

    NatsuT Member

    i knew this track SeizeOne..... 7/10

    here again Poland #boom!

  4. Dj JHeat

    Dj JHeat New Member

    7/10 .reminds me a bit of beastie boys

    Heres one of my favorits :cool:

  5. SeizeOne

    SeizeOne Member

    8/10 ....i'm diggin' that for sure....nice!

    Here's one i like to chill to...

    Last edited: Jan 25, 2017
  6. 9/10. Gonna put that one on my playlist, that's really nice to chill to. Great beat, good chorus and dope flow by all MC's. Kinda reminds me of A tribe called quest minus shitty lyrics ;D

    Been on a CUEZERO streak lately. Looking forward for getting this mini-album in the mail soon
  7. SeizeOne

    SeizeOne Member

    7/10. not too bad...Iv'e always liked Cuezeros flow...but I don't go on the beat that much...although it bangs though...

    Some dope Finnish hip hop....
  8. Kamikaze85

    Kamikaze85 Uploader

    Your link is down.

    Sneazzy - Skurt Cobain feat Nekfeu

    NatsuT likes this.
  9. Yoboy

    Yoboy New Member

    7/10 even though I can't understand a word :D

    TO THE UK !:
  10. SeizeOne

    SeizeOne Member

    2/10 Not my thing at all, but each to their own....

    Since we going with UK though...

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