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  1. R

    R Tha Boss Staff Member

    Since I was in school I've always been surrounded by music, either friends in bands, friends who rapped or just friends who just really love music. I've had everything you can think of, guitar, bass, drums, a mic, even almost invested in turn tables. Anyway, I haven't written anything for years, I don't feel like it'd be credible in this day and age, yeah I've had a hard life, who hasn't? So I've got nothing to write about and listening to Japanese music for YEARS will fuck your head up so much that you can't think lyrically in English and so much American hip hop is trash I feel if I were to do anything with music in America it'd be rock, but yeah.

    Anyone else have a situation like this? you live and breathe the music and the culture and you have friends who rap and dj and produce etc or sing,play an instrument and you don't do any of that, but you still feel like it's worth it and you just gotta get whatever pipe dreams you have out of the forefront every once in a while?
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  2. R

    R Tha Boss Staff Member

    just a little insight I've been into Japanese music since I was like 15 and hip hop since I was like 18 and I've always been a loner but since I graduated I have had bouts of dealing with being a hikikomori, not years but sometimes just months on the inside and music has been a big part of the continuous recovery. I'm 26 but I don't look or sound it and I guess you'd say i sound like yellawolf if I tried rapping lol I know I'm still young, 26 isn't shit I've got friends in their mid 30's. Maybe once I save up and move from this small drug addicted town to a big city I'll find more opportunities, hell who knows who I could meet that is into the scene. Anyway enough rambling. What's YOUR story? :D
  3. Yoboy

    Yoboy New Member

    Ahh bro, changing your environment is the best investment in yourself you could ever make.
    I know of people who, for example, aren't even DJ's but are involved in the industry and command heavy respect because they have a lot of knowledge and interest in the area.

    If you're passionate about something and you're good peoples, you can move in the right circles man.
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  4. kenshin2k8

    kenshin2k8 Administrator Staff Member

    u good R... i am in the same boat. i was a dj and still am but due to music changing my technics analog djing skills are not as helpful in today's market. just because u do not have an outlet nor an output of music or something does NOT mean you do not contribute to music and to hiphop/rock culture. JUST BEING YOU IS contribution. you are holding knowledge, experience, ear tuning and quality skills. maybe try engineering as well to fine tune it and to make some $ as well as learn more. even if you were a hikikomori i still got love for u fam. lol those titles are just that titles. dont know what state or town u in but yoboy is right as well as moving can be difficult but will allow you to grow and will help u overall.

    stay up man a lot of us on the board have more in common than we think.
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  5. R

    R Tha Boss Staff Member

    about the only thing I can do consistently is beatbox and that's sadly a dying art these days.

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