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  1. R

    R Tha Boss Staff Member

    Ongaku NEVER dies! We lost it all, but we're back up and ready to be bigger and better than ever! Sign up today for access to the downloads section. Please spread the word, tell your friends, this place was what it was because of the passionate fan base and word of mouth!

    JYLO☆JAY Uploader

    YEAHH BOYYY !!! We back in this b**** !! Stronger than ever :cool:
  3. R

    R Tha Boss Staff Member

    you found it fast xD

    JYLO☆JAY Uploader

    Yeah I know, surprisingly fast :D
  5. gosmani

    gosmani Uploader


    whats up?
  6. R

    R Tha Boss Staff Member

    hey gos, just getting everything back up, lost a lot of files sadly
  7. gosmani

    gosmani Uploader

    I thought you were arrested by fbi because of upload many music lol
  8. ZyxyZ

    ZyxyZ Administrator Staff Member

    Nope, the previous admin did not leave the login credentials with R and I no longer had them since I transferred it over to FOW, so we lost the domain and all the content because we could not be verified to login with the credentials. So here we are, revamping it. Hopefully better than ever. I have plans for making weekly backups of the website as well as backing up the actual content we have so in case something happens in the future we won't loose it all again.
  9. R

    R Tha Boss Staff Member

    lol no I'm in America your Japanese piracy laws don't affect me, that'd cost way too much money and man power, I'd never upload American stuff tho :p
  10. TheBastard

    TheBastard Member

    Hopefully it will stay for at least a few years before moving again
  11. Quesan

    Quesan New Member

    Welcome back!
  12. kazuya

    kazuya New Member

    I'm so glad!!
  13. R

    R Tha Boss Staff Member

    we're hoping not but even so everything will be saved from now on so we won't lose music
  14. TheHorneo

    TheHorneo New Member

    Well, it's better than nothing
  15. Chaosbeats

    Chaosbeats Uploader

    lol can't be stopped for anything
  16. haruaki

    haruaki New Member

    Yeah!I'm Happy!!!!
  17. dreamhav3n

    dreamhav3n New Member

    welcome back
  18. ZEN-One

    ZEN-One Administrator Staff Member

    キタ━━━(゜∀゜)━━━ !!!!!
  19. mob369

    mob369 New Member

    congrats rebuilding!
  20. k2japan

    k2japan New Member


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