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  1. ZEN-One

    ZEN-One Administrator Staff Member

    I can provide japanese-english translation if anyone needs it.

    もし必要があれば、日本語<->英語の通訳をできます (ポスト•コメント•トラックタイトルなど)
  2. DxZ-86

    DxZ-86 New Member

    Welcome back !
    And the story continues ^^
  3. komaon

    komaon New Member

  4. Reds92

    Reds92 New Member

    It's been almost a month to see u guys again♪ I would like to be also one of them to contribute to this community!
  5. xmoeyesx

    xmoeyesx New Member

    happy this is back!
  6. KZ045

    KZ045 New Member

    Wassup Guys!!Glad To Be Back in Here!!!LongLiveOngakuEternal
  7. Lovestoned

    Lovestoned New Member

  8. MrMeketh

    MrMeketh New Member

    Finally, we are all back in our little home. Thank you.
  9. OddOne

    OddOne Moderator

    Hey everyone. Good to be back again.
  10. SeizeOne

    SeizeOne Member

    This was a pleasant surprise.....it's good to see things kicking off again! I will re-up what i got again if need be :)
  11. NatsuT

    NatsuT Member

    Hi. Very Good :)
  12. Dawson_Baiden

    Dawson_Baiden New Member

    Welcome back ! i love this community ! long live to OE
  13. jrox

    jrox New Member

    I thought it's dead but reddit helped me find a way haha
    Ongaku is Eternal.
  14. RZer0

    RZer0 Moderator

    Hello everyone. Awesome to be back. I'll upload all my previous upps again soon :)
  15. Totoro

    Totoro New Member

    Yes thanks !
    Back again, for the third time ! :)
  16. YANAGI

    YANAGI Active Member

    Last edited: Jul 4, 2016
  17. Yoboy

    Yoboy New Member

    We need a logo? Wtungsten just ain't cutting it for me ;)
  18. jdRoK

    jdRoK New Member

    We can't keep doing this guys. It's too stressful. But it's good to back.
  19. kenshin2k8

    kenshin2k8 Administrator Staff Member

    wow im late to the party. im confused i though tmayne hasseru was the mod or admin? if he doesnt have the actual site credentials then who did? yea this forum is quite strange and have treouble even getting my avatar on here but will keep trying. nice to be back yall. i thought it was cause i was traveling and somehow this site was blocked by ip in jamaica but apparently site has been pulled/dead. glad to see yall on here.

    edit: apparently once avatar imaged upped there is 4 circles that load and then when i hit okay it freezes so i just hit close button and it seems to have uploaded. just quick tip in case anyone encounters the same.

    also if there is anything i can do let me know as this site is too precious to lose.
  20. mellowyellow

    mellowyellow New Member

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