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  1. royalflush

    royalflush New Member

    I was on the Invision Free website and posted a bunch of stuff back there then, my account doesn't work there anymore tho, I think everyone got deleted there a couple of years ago? I can't remember if I joined the website you made after that but I'm on this one now lol.

    so hi!
  2. R

    R Tha Boss Staff Member

    cool welcome back and yeah the old one barely works and almost all files there are dead anyway
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  3. kenshin2k8

    kenshin2k8 Administrator Staff Member

    glad to have u back royalflush. i remember your posts/uploads so always nice to see old warriors return
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  4. kurohachi

    kurohachi New Member

    Woo! This site is back!
  5. lajauge

    lajauge Member

    welcome back. So happy to see that the web site is back again. I am late in the party too. Can't believe it's take me so much time to find it out.
    Big thanx to kenshin2k8 for informed me. Without him, I still be out of this for a long time I think.
    I also decided to continue to post new entry on my own blog, so check it out.
    Last edited: Jul 27, 2016
  6. kenshin2k8

    kenshin2k8 Administrator Staff Member

    of course lajauge. you are an original member and always good to see you around and living life in general. glad you are back!
  7. Case

    Case Member

    Holy shit, was I like.. super slow? I only found the restarted site now. But I am damn glad to be back and thanks a million for bringin' the site back to life!!
  8. Hey everyone!
    Awesome to see the site back up again =)
  9. kenshin2k8

    kenshin2k8 Administrator Staff Member

    welcome back case i certanl remember you as well as ionlyloveasianladies. do you still make music fam? i remember you uploading some of ur material on old ongakue if im not mistaken.
  10. pironishit

    pironishit New Member

  11. Good to see that my name is easy to remember =D
    Yes, i infact am still doing music, i'm actually working on my newest album atm. I'm gonna make a thread where i share my stuff again in the next couple of days, i guess. One should never miss the opportunity to promote himself ;)
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