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  1. SeizeOne

    SeizeOne Member

    Alright i'm not the biggest gamer but i thought this needed to be restarted like on the old site....we had a nice thread going there...

    So what game ya playing? or waiting for? or both!

    I'm playing a game called "Collapse" off Steam.....so far so good ...cbf typing an essay on it right now so i'll just post a link and you can see for yourself...

    I'm also waiting for Mafia 3 and Watchdogs 2.......and Shemue 3!!! who's pre-ordered a copy?

    And apparently Yakuza 0 is coming to the west early 2017!!!
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  2. Kamikaze85

    Kamikaze85 Uploader

    I play Inside on Xbox One, an amazing game and Tales From The Bordelands, funny characters, good story.

    On PC, a multiplayer game based on the WW2, Rising Storm.
    And two RTS, Total War Warhammer & XCOM 2.

    Can't wait for the PS4 Neo & Xbox One S.
    Gears of War 4, Forza Horizon 3, ReCore, Battlefield 1, Fifa 17 (finally the J.League), Dead Rising 4 on Xbox One.
    Rising Storm 2 on PC.
    Horizon Zero Dawn and Yakuza 0 on PS4.
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    JYLO☆JAY Uploader

    I'm PlayStation guy so I'm waiting for some games that coming on PS4 like TEKKEN 7 but I don't have the PS4 yet :(, so I'm still playing with my PS3.
  4. SeizeOne

    SeizeOne Member

    Yeah i really enjoyed that also....Telltale games are dope...i finished the walking dead michonne not that long ago too....that was kickass imo...

    Haven't played the other game's you mentioned....and if i had the time i would def give Total War Warhammer a go.....looks decent enough...

    I had an Xbox One a while back but gave it away.....the installation time on games really gave me the shits......have they fixed this? i mainly play PC now but also have a PS4 which gathers dust these days unfortunately...

    Fifa 17!! J-Leauge?!! I had no idea, finally indeed! haha been wondering when this would happen....great news!

    Ahhh nice! get one bro! they worth it imo.....plus Yakuza 0!!! but ps3's are cool....i used to play mine until it broke down...what games you playing on it?

    JYLO☆JAY Uploader

    I have Yakuza 3,4 & 5, Gran turismo 5 & 6, Tekken 6 & Tag 2, GTA5, SSX, NFS hot pursuit,, soul calibur 5 & some naruto bleach one piece games.
  6. Kamikaze85

    Kamikaze85 Uploader

    Nope, installing games taking too long but updates are worse.
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  7. jdRoK

    jdRoK New Member

    Oh nice, it's good to see that we already have a discussion like this going again. I just rejoined and creating this thread would've probably been my first action. Glad to see you're back as well, SeizeOne. Hope you're doing well.

    On topic though:
    I 'finished' The Witness the other day and I loved every second of it. Usually I'm not even into puzzle heavy games - like at all. But it is just so smart, pretty and lovingly crafted. Time and again I was baffled by how intricate all of it is.

    The whole game is based on you solving puzzles by drawing lines on different grids. That's all you do. How a person could come up with all these iterative puzzle designs though with ever expanding rule sets that keep stacking on top of each other but then sometimes subvert themselves too, is beyond me. And the game employs the environment in really meaningful ways as well, so it doesn't feel like it's just a glorified puzzle book either. I don't want to get too deep into that aspect of the game because that is where it is at its best and really starts effing with you. Also, it teaches all of its mechanics to the player without employing a single word - spoken or written. It is a true achievement in game design.

    Inside also just released on Steam and I'm very much looking forward to playing that. It looks proper creepy.

    I'm carefully optimistic about Abzu as well. And that's releasing soon. But it sadly doesn't have the unique multiplayer component that Journey had - which was a big part of the impact it had on me. But it's very pretty.

    Last edited: Jul 6, 2016
  8. SeizeOne

    SeizeOne Member

    Nice bro....i wish they would bring out Yakuza 5 hardcopy...i don't have online so i couldn't play it although i own the Japanese copy and got almost to the end using a walkthrough lol I'm not big on racing games really, but when you got a bunch of friends together, they are fun...

    Damn! they really shot themselves in the foot with that imo....

    jdRok! likewise mate! I was wondering when you were gonna do it haha but i knew it would be a matter of time...

    The witness does look appealing....your review pretty much got me in the mood to play this haha
    Last edited: Jul 8, 2016
  9. SeizeOne

    SeizeOne Member

    Well this thread has pretty much gone stagnant :p

    I been playing a fair bit of "The Crew Wild Run" lately....I've never really been into racing games but i gotta say i'm enjoying this a lot....the online modes are fun and the map is pretty huge too, dope graphics and i like the feel of it overall.....pretty additive shit....i play it on steam...anyone else play it on Uplay?

    Any other good racing games yall can recommend? I didn't mind the Forza games but apart from that I've only played the old school need for speed games and the first Gran Turismo on ps1 back when it came out lol

    On a side note, I've just bought a copy of Tokyo Highway challenge for Dreamcast.....it looks pretty fun anyways...
    Last edited: Aug 3, 2016
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  10. kenshin2k8

    kenshin2k8 Administrator Staff Member

    seizeone u mentioned dreamcast.... u sir are legend. i still have mine and appreciate it dearly. wish they would have made a dvd-add-on or something so it could have stayed in the ps2 race. ps2 is inferior to me compared to dreamcast. something about fighting and racing games on the dreamast just feels right. also grandia 2 is the best version on dreamcast in my opinion.
    Last edited: Aug 15, 2016
  11. SeizeOne

    SeizeOne Member

    haha! big up bro.....it's a timeless console that's for sure....but yeah, that would of been dope...def would of helped i think...but i agree with you on that....i think the graphics are better and i prefer the colours too..... the ps2 aint getting dusted off and used any time soon lol

    I haven't played grandia 2 before but i do prefer the dreamcast version of headhunter over ps2 version....

    I'm currently in the middle of playing the first shenmue.....gotta say it's probably up there as one of my all time favs!! i find playing that game relaxing....very atmospheric and ahead of it's time....that game is one of the reasons i bought a dreamcast....

    Also just got a copy of nba 2k as well....that's a damn fun game..

    How many games you got for it?
  12. kenshin2k8

    kenshin2k8 Administrator Staff Member

    got about 30 retail and the rest backups :) ye a i like headhunter as well as some classics on there such as street fighter and darkstalkers compliations and shenmue 1 and 2 of course. also jet grind radio on dreamcast is justdope to me for some reason. there are undub of shenmue if needed so you can have jap/eng audio as well as jap/eng subtitiles.
  13. SeizeOne

    SeizeOne Member

    Nice man! not bad at all......So far i only got 15 games but i got more on my wishlist lined up...

    Yeah for sure, i'm with you on that....actually next game i plan on getting is jet grind (set) radio.....it's a unique game....visually cool as well....i really enjoyed jet set radio future on xbox too...

    Ahhh nice.....i didn't know that, although the english doesn't really bother me ....but it would give it a more authentic feel in japanese though which would be good....i'll have to look into it....good lookin' out :) man some of those english voice actors suck hahaha sound like robots n shit....monotone as haha
    Last edited: Aug 16, 2016
  14. jdRoK

    jdRoK New Member

    Yo, I still got a Dreamcast too. It's not hooked up though. I had to rebuy a used one after my original launch unit got stolen when my place got broken into many years ago. This 'new' one, when I got it though, was grimy - real nasty with nicotine. And it had this issue where it would restart itself at random times but that turned out to be an easy fix.

    Man, we had so much fun with Soul Calibur back in the day. I was pretty beast with Cervantes. Good times. Kind of crazy thinking about it now, how the DC doesn't have any form of copy protection and I didn't even know about it then. Anyway...

    It's good to be back. I missed you guys.

    To this day the most fun I've had with any racing games would have to be PGR2 (OG Xbox) & PGR3 (X360) - 2 is probably my favorite. It's been a while but I remember them fondly: fast, perfect blend of arcade fun and realistic physics, great engine sounds, challenging with precise controls, playable in short bursts (if you can pry yourself away form the controller) and they're dirt cheap now. Last but not least, they come with Geometry Wars. Fucking Geometry Wars! Pure fun! Retro Evolved was one of the best games last gen!

    Lately I have started up way too many different games, most of them old. Not sure which of them I'll even finish. They're mainly old DOS and Windows games from the early 90s:

    - Lands of Lore: The Throne of Chaos (lovely to look at, very polished game)
    - Ultima Underworld: The Stygian Abyss (3D before Doom, godfather of all modern RPGs, holds up surpiringly well, played for several hours already)
    - System Shock (kind of got stuck early on, no idea where to go)
    - Outwars (think Starship Troopers with JETPACKS!, flying physics are surprisingly fun and you also get a wingsuit later on)
    - Heavy Metal: F.A.K.K.2 (got it working, but no crosshair shows up on screen, boo!)

    Also played a little bit of that fan made Metroid game, AM2R. That came out and then got shot down by Nintendo via DMCA notices. It's good though. EDF 4.1, and as always The Pinball Arcade. Never going to uninstall that one.
    Last edited: Aug 19, 2016
  15. SeizeOne

    SeizeOne Member

    You should hook it up bro! sucks that your place got broken into and your launch unit got stolen though.....i been playing mine a fair bit lately....played some Tokyo Highway Challenge the other night, i gotta say that's a fun game....got a good feel to it....and for '99 the graphics would of been amazing....never owned a dreamcast back then unfortunately...but like i said, it's timeless...
    Speaking of Soul Calibur i played that a fair bit on the ps1 back in the day too.....sick game!

    Ahh ok cool, i'll have to check out PGR3, it sounds decent enough from what you described...i still got my Xbox 360 so it might be worth getting my hands on...
    Some of those DOS and Windows games are dope...i used to love the Amiga as well....

    On PC i been playing a survival game called The Forrest....if you can be bothered check it out on steam and suss the reviews etc....
    Personally i'm enjoying it so far...although it's one of those games that i can only play for half an hour at time....after awhile it get's a bit meh....but for about $15 it's a decent enough game.....it's an early accesses game though so it can only improve in the long term......i keep going back to it for little sessions here n there.....

    I'm very keen to play Deus Ex: Mankind Divided now that it's finally out!....been hanging for it.... i'm a fan of the series and this one looks like it doesn't disappoint!
    Last edited: Aug 23, 2016
  16. jdRoK

    jdRoK New Member

  17. SeizeOne

    SeizeOne Member

    That looks like a fun game.....the kind of game you could play with mates while having a few cold ones....

    Here's a new release i been playing....good story, very additive and challenging....and feels authentic....i recommenced...i'm enjoying it so far.

  18. jdRoK

    jdRoK New Member

    Oh yeah, that Shadow Tactics game. I should get on that soon. Recently tried Resident Evil 0 HD Remake. Couldn't deal with because it throws two simultaneous player characters at you right from the get-go and I had bad flashbacks of my attempted RE5 solo run. No thanks.

    But I've had some fun with Brigador. Neat game and very stylish.
  19. What the hell? I might be the biggest gamer in the forum, I thought I've already put my quarters in here. Ah I'll do it now then;

    Currently I'm playing the everything out of Final Fantasy X again. Saw the HD Remastered on the Steam Store and that it came with X-2 (and I'm probably one of the only persons on the planet that actually enjoyed the silliness that is X-2) and I remembered how much fun X was back in the day, so I bought it and already invested 20+ hours into it. Great game, no doubt.

    Aside from that I'm also investing a lot of time into "Spellweaver" a rather unkown card game, which is also available for free on steam. Doesn't have the biggest player base, but the community is super friendly and helpful and u get in touch with the big names really easy. Given that i do let's play's i also gained a bit of a reputation there. Really lovely.

    Other than that, I play Binding of Isaac rather frequently and, believe it or not, Bible Black: The Game. Also been doing a let's play on my youtube channel with a good friend of mine. It's a good time when u experience it together, that's for sure =)

    Dude. I hope those weren't your only confrontations with the Resident Evil franchise, because 5 definitely sucked big time. If u want the real experience, try out 2 and 3, those are my absolute favorites in the entire series. Been playing 3 for ages ever since i was a kid... i mean of reasonable age ;D

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